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7 Things to Consider Before Choosing Sides in the Middle East Conflict

Was asked why I wasn’t vehemently condemning Israel the other day, and I think this article explains a fair bit of it, even though it’s still slightly biased.

It is horrific and horrendous and absolutely nauseating that civilians (actually, anyone, really) are being killed  - no matter how many, it’s something that can and should be avoided always always always,  because goddammit how can you just play with lives like that! - and Israel is a bloody arse for doing it. Heck, ‘arse’ doesn’t even begin to describe the word I want to use.

But conflicts aren’t clear-cut - especially not this one - and it’s not fair to ascribe all blame to one party without truly understanding the context of this entire mess which is why history is the best subject in the world, guys and goddammit oh pls no one is anywhere near innocent in this blasted conflict bloody heck CAN THEY ALL JUST STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM CARD AND BLASTING EVERYTHING TO KINGDOM COME AND SCREWING OVER EVERYONE IN THEIR WAKE


Leave Hamish alone.

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and that’s why you don’t go around fixing people

and that’s why you don’t give up pieces of yourself to make someone else whole

We do this more than we think. Sometimes we reject those who have helped us the most. Other times, we help those who allow their egos to hide their humilities.











it may take time but there is someone waiting to hold your hand

My tears

I’ve reblogged this already but I love it.

The best post i’ve ever seen. Wow.

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How do guys you keep it together on set? How do you get anything done? x

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"Look, I know my ideas will never make the movies, so I can just tell you all of them, because it will never be a spoiler! Well, I know that in the comic, Gamora and Iron Man […] they’ve hooked up!” (X)

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Kill the idea that naivety is an unforgivable flaw but cynicism is just wisdom, murder it, chop it up and serve it for dinner, I don’t care, just end this bullshit idea that it’s better to hate than to love and better to rot in miserable bitter resignation than to hope for the best.


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Tom Hiddleston Sent An Amazing Email To Director Joss Whedon After Reading 'The Avengers' Script For The First Time - Business Insider



According to “Joss Whedon: The Biography,” in stores August 1, Hiddleston, who plays antihero Loki in the film, wrote Whedon a heartfelt email after reading Whedon’s draft for the first time.

We’ve published Hiddleston’s letter in full along with Whedon’s response with permission from Chicago Review Press below.


I am so excited I can hardly speak.

The first time I read it I grabbed at it like Charlie Bucket snatching for a golden ticket somewhere behind the chocolate in the wrapper of a Wonka Bar. I didn’t know where to start. Like a classic actor I jumped in looking for LOKI on every page, jumping back and forth, reading words in no particular order, utterances imprinting themselves like flash-cuts of newspaper headlines in my mind: “real menace”; “field of obeisance”; “discontented, nothing is enough”; “his smile is nothing but a glimpse of his skull“; “Puny god” …

… Thank you for writing me my Hans Gruber. But a Hans Gruber with super-magic powers. As played by James Mason … It’s high operatic villainy alongside detached throwaway tongue-in-cheek; plus the “real menace” and his closely guarded suitcase of pain. It’s grand and epic and majestic and poetic and lyrical and wicked and rich and badass and might possibly be the most gloriously fun part I’ve ever stared down the barrel of playing. It is just so juicy

I love how throughout you continue to put Loki on some kind of pedestal of regal magnificence and then consistently tear him down. He gets battered, punched, blasted, side-swiped, roared at, sent tumbling on his back, and every time he gets back up smiling, wickedly, never for a second losing his eloquence, style, wit, self-aggrandisement or grandeur, and you never send him up or deny him his real intelligence…. That he loves to make an entrance; that he has a taste for the grand gesture, the big speech, the spectacle. I might be biased, but I do feel as though you have written me the coolest part.

… But really I’m just sending you a transatlantic shout-out and fist-bump, things that traditionally British actors probably don’t do. It’s epic.

Whedon wrote back with a simplistic response:

Tom, this is one of those emails you keep forever. Thanks so much. It’s more articulate (and possibly longer) than the script. I couldn’t be more pleased at your reaction, but I’ll also tell you I’m still working on it … Thank you again. I’m so glad you’re pleased. Absurd fun to ensue.

Best, (including uncharacteristic fist bump), joss.

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Hips Don’t Lie/Whenever, Wherever/Waka Waka l Out of the Blue

Helen and Douglas House is the world’s first children’s hospice; it provides much needed palliative, respite, end-of-life and bereavement care to life-limited children and young adults, and their families. 

To download the charity single, go to

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA seems like years since I found out about them (and then I realize - it has been years! WHAT EVEN), and holycrap okay I choked and died of laughter and why are there people popping out of the bushes 

all these little awkward boys I cannot <3


Aaaand I realize how provocative the screencap is, eurgh